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Welcome to vacation area Hauenstein

The vacation area Hauenstein, consisting of eight villages Darstein, Dimbach, Hauenstein, Hinterweidenthal, Lug, Schwanheim, Spirkelbach and Wilgartswiesen, including tho annections Hofstätten and Hermersbergerhof, is located right in the middle of the national forrest "Pfälzerwald" in southwest Palatinate.

More than 500 km of well marked hiking trails plus seven prized premium trails can be found in this area. There is lots to discover, for example old castle ruins, small cottages and bizarre rock formations. Over millions of years, forces of nature like waters, frost, wind and erosion have formed sensational colorful sandstone rock formations, found throughout the whole southwest of the "National Forest Pfälzerwald". These hughes rocks, standing out of the green dense forrest, offer great oppurtunities for beginner and andvanced rock climber.


One of the most famous rock formation is definitely the "Devil's Table", looking like an oversized table, formed by forces of nature. Therefore, people have started telling myths about this rock and named it "Devil's Table". Today, it is a symbol for the vacation area Hauenstein. Right at the foot of the "Devil's Table" you can find a big adventure playground for kids.

Besides hiking and climbing, the area also offers many oppurtunities for biking. There are basic biking tours from a village to another, on a german-french bikepath from Hauenstein via Hinterweidenthal along the creek Wieslauter to Wissembourg (France) or from the source of the tiny river Queich via Wilgartswiesen all the way to Germersheim where the Queich runs into the river Rhine. For advanced bikers and mountainbikers there are numerous tours right through the "National Forrest Pfälzerwald. A wonderful view over the national forrest, which is also a biosphere reservation nature parc, can be found in Hofstätten and Hermersbergerhof. These two small villages are the highest settlements in the vacation area.

If you want to rest from hiking, climbing or biking, how about a shopping trip in Hauenstein, where shoes and shoe production have a long tradition. Last century, over 30 shoe factories were located in Hauenstein. Approximately every second citizen worked in this industrial sector. More information about that time and how they once desinged and produced shoes can you find at the "German Shoe Museum Hauenstein". They also offer guided tours in english language.


Today, only two factories are left. However, lots of shoe stores, some outdoor and lifestyle stores have established. The shoe shopping mall “Schuhmeile” has almost 25 shoe stores with more than one million pair of shoes from all kind of brands. So there is a huge variety of shoes. You can find hiking shoes, outdoor shoes, football shoes, trainers, boots as well as heels and evening shoes. “Schuhmeile Hauenstein” is open Monday till Saturday, 9.30 a.m. -6.30 p.m. Additional opening hours every Sunday and German holidays from mid march until October 1 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Also good to know is that young, creative and committed restaurateurs and hoteliers constantly create new and exciting dishes with focus on the Palatinate cuisine. You should try it, definitely.

All in all, there is a lot to discover, see and visit in the vacation area Hauenstein. If you are interested, plan a trip, need accommodation or have any question, do not mind to contact us.